Summer in Europe: Budapest, Hungary

Budapest was another city that was beyond beautiful. We spent most of the time exploring the Buda castle and some time in Pest (the newer part of Budapest). We also visited the Synagogue, which is Europe’s largest. I had never been inside a synagogue before; it is beautiful inside. Next to the Synagogue, there is  a Jewish Cemetery, as well as a memorial in honour of all the victims  who were murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust. There is a a sculpture that resembles a weeping willow and its leaves bear inscriptions with the names of the victims. Being able to see all of this up close was sad and a little horrifying. I also got to visit the museum on the Synagogue’s property which holds a fairly large collection of religious and historical items, some of which were used during the Holocaust, including a Holocaust room.

I recently watched a movie called The boy in the striped pajamas, which reminded me of everything I was able to see during my trip related to the destruction of the Jewish community in Europe. I saw a pair of “striped pajamas” at one of the museums and it just gave me the chills. I highly recommend watching that movie. I find it so hard to believe that any human being would have it in them to do what was done to the Jewish community back then.

On a happier note, my mom and i got to go to a rustic Hungarian Tavern in the middle of a forrest. It was the coolest experience ever, we had way to much too eat and drink and watched the most amazing dancers perform. It was probably the most fun I had during my trip 😀

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