Summer in Europe: Prague, Czech Republic

I know I’ve said in every post “this is the most amazing city ever!” Prague is completley breath taking, which I had heard before. When my mom and I were deciding what cities we wanted to visit, we were on the fence about Prague and Budapest, I looked at a ton of pictures and although they both looked nice, I didn’t think they looked that great. Was I ever wrong. Prague is seriously like being inside a fairy tale, it is unbelievably beautiful. Again, pictures don’t do it justice, not even a little bit. I fell in love the second I stepped on Charles bridge, which by the way, I have no pictures of! So, the one thing I found completely frustrating in Prague, was taking pictures. It was literally impossible as the city was packed with people. I did take pictures of Charles bridge, but sadly, not good ones as there are a million heads in front of me in every picture, and honestly, carrying a stool with me was not an option 😀 I kept wishing I could disappear everyone just for one minute to take some pictures, but my wish didn’t come true 😉

The other thing that was hard was communicating (mainly ordering food haha). Spain was great as I can speak Spanish fluently, France was alright because although I don’t speak French, I can understand a lot of it. Things started getting harder in Germany, but most people can speak English there and are super friendly. However, in Czech Republic, not many people speak English, and Czech isn’t similar to any language I know!

Anyways, anyone considering a trip to Prague, do it! You will not regret it! Prague was for sure one of my favourite cities.


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