Strength and love is all you need

I have no words to describe this wonderful and amazing family, there is so much I want to say about them but at the same time I get a knot in my throat trying to get it all out. The first word that comes to my mind is INSPIRING. What can be more inspiring than a mother wanting and loving her unborn baby so badly and having the strength to fight a battle hand in hand with that baby?

Hope is that baby. A lucky baby who was born to the most loving family.

It all started when Amy was only 18 weeks pregnant with Hope. Amy, her husband Shawn and their adorable little Sadie (Hope’s big sister) went to Hope’s 18 week ultrasound to find out if Sadie would have a baby sister or a baby brother. They found out they were having another little girl, but they also found out that their little girl was missing the entire left side of her heart. They were given 3 options. To terminate the pregnancy, to carry Hope full term and then deliver her in Calgary where she would then go to palliative care and pass away shortly after her birth, or to deliver in Edmonton where Hope would immediately undergo open heart surgery at the Heart Centre, she would then need 2 more surgeries before she turned 5.

Option 3 was without question the one Hope’s family made.

This family has been through so much, and they still have a battle ahead of them. I feel so honored I got the chance to be involved in their lives even for a short period of time. Hope is not only the most gorgeous and adorable baby, but she is also a true fighter. Her half little heart won’t stop her, she is strong and has her family’s support to help her win this battle.

If you would like to read more about little Hope’s story you can visit her blog: Mending hearts and bending knees




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