NAPCP Recognition – Calgary Photographer

I am so honored to have had 2 of my images recognized by the NAPCP

I have to say that, although my ultimate goal as a photographer isn’t to be validated by other photographers in the industry, it is nice to be recognized for my work. I don’t generally feel like I seek others’ approval to do what I do. I do photography because I enjoy it. It is my creative outlet and it makes me happy (this being the most important to me). My goal as a photographer is to continue to enjoy what I do,  and by this I don’t just mean the actual taking and editing of the images, but also the part where I get to meet so many wonderful people who also share their love of photography with me. I truly feel that my clients appreciate and value photography as much as I do and when I get hired to do a session I feel that I truly connect with people because we share the same feelings about photography. I am very grateful for this recognition because although it is not all about approval and validation, we all need that pat on the back every now and then, especially when you have been working so hard to slowly get to where you want to be (whatever that place may be for each of us)  🙂

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