Day 4: The Reception and a few formals – Calgary Sikh Wedding Photographer

This is it… The very last day…

I am a little sad about this post because it has been almost a full year of getting to know these two. The best part of shooting weddings, is the relationship that couples and photographers develop throughout that year.

I mean, I feel like I always end up being friends with most of my clients, but with weddings, I see my clients and talk to them so much for such an extended period of time, that you just can’t help but develop a fantastic relationship.   Engagement session(s), meetings, emails, phone calls… Andy and Sabrine got to know me well too. They now know exactly how I shoot, what I like and what I don’t like. We had 2 sessions prior to the 4-day wedding and I think they are pretty comfortable in front of the camera now, or at least my camera.

Comments like “no, no, that’s too posed for Erika” or, “Sabrine, you’re too stiff, relax! loosen up!” would come out of their mouths and I loved every minute of it. I’m really going to miss these 2 and I truly can’t believe the wedding is done after all the planning and getting ready. Time flies!

Anyways, I gained 2 new friends for sure. Oh yeah, and a lawyer too! 😀

All I can say is: hurry up and start making children, because I cannot wait to see them!!

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