I need to take more pictures of my kids! – Calgary Child Photographer

Everyone swears that I have millions of photos of my kids, but that is so not the case! Sometimes I get so busy with work and just life in general, that I don’t give myself time to do something that is very important to me: Capture my children as they grow up. Sometimes I get frustrated because they don’t cooperate  as much as I would like them to. Sometimes I just happen to pick the wrong time to do it. When they are either tired or cranky. I guess when you do something for others all the time, you forget to do it for yourself too, or you just don’t do it. My cleaning lady was telling me the other day that her house is a mess! Who would have thought! I always thought she had the cleanest house ever! LOL

Anyways, I’m really trying to take a deep breath and be patient when it comes to taking photos of my kids (which is very hard for me, because i get frustarated easy when things aren’t working the way I want them too). The other night, I got my camera out and decided that I was going to take some pictures of them just before bath time. Well… again WRONG time! They were tired, ready for bed, and screaming for me to pick them up while I was trying to snap a few pictures. I quit, gave them a bath, turned on their Little People show for them and then they were ok. So here’s what I got. I’m not a huge fan of the fact that they are staring at the TV in pretty much every shot, but trust me, this is better than having them both hanging off my leg begging for me to pick them up!


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