Day 3: The ceremony and leaving home – Calgary Sikh Wedding Photographer

Here they are again, the gorgeous couple from the Sikh wedding I photographed a few weeks ago. I have had many requests wondering when more photos would be posted on my blog. Sorry for the delay, but I am really busy right now, and it is hard to keep up with the work. Especially since there are so many images to edit from this wedding!

This is Day 3- Part 2. Part 1 was all about beautiful Sabrine getting ready. These are all images from the ceremony at the Sikh temple as well as Sabrine’s final goodbye to her family Enjoy!


If you missed my other posts you can check out the images here: The Mehndi party  The Mayaan   She gets ready

Before the actual wedding ceremony, both families get together outside to celebrate the upcoming marriage of their children and to welcome each other into the family. The brothers have a “contest” to see who is the strongest. Sabrine’s brother won by lifting Andy’s brother up in the air 🙂



Somebody didn’t quite make it through the ceremony 🙂

After the wedding ceremony, there was a lunch for all the guests. After that and a very brief portrait session, we headed to Sabrine’s wedding to say her final goodby to her family as Andy took her with him. But before he was allowed to take Sabrine home with him, he had do to to buy his way into the house by paying Sabrine’s sister and cousins! There was a ribbon blocking the way, but before Andy was allowed to cut it he had to make Sabrine’s cousins and Sisters happy (with a little money). There was some negotiating first until everybody was happy with the final amount.

After letting Andy in, the whole family celebrated and then Andy got to take his bride home….


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