Day 2: The Mayaan – Calgary Sikh Wedding Photographer

The Mayaan is a ceremony where the groom’s family rubs tumeric paste onto the groom to cleanse and balance the body for married life. This paste however; smelled so fruity, then I found out that Andy had bought body butter from the Body Shop! So I guess the paste was modified a little bit for Andy 🙂

When I first got to the venue I was really excited because there was a huge window right where Andy was going to be sitting for the ceremony, there were just a few pot lights that I had to turn off, but it was perfect! Then the ceremony started… Little did I know that everybody would be getting up and surrounding Andy to rub the paste on him! So much for my awesome window! On top of everything, the video guys had lights on Andy, cameras were flashing everywhere and I barely had any room to move to try and get good angles. All these ladies were literally inches away from him. Anyways, it was a very cool experience for me. The colours were just amazing, everybody was super nice and friendly and they kept trying to feed me (which I did not mind at all, holy delicious food!)

I’m getting there with the editing, more posts to come on this amazing wedding! 🙂

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