The bravest boy I know – Calgary Child Photographer for Helping Hearts

He is sweet. He is incredibly charming. He is strong. He has the best sense of humor a 13-year-old can have. He has a very special sparkle in his eyes. He is full of life. He wants to be a photographer when he grows up. He loves basketball. He is amazing at spotting all kinds of birds and the tiniest fish in a pond. He is not my son, but he made my mother’s day one of the best days ever. He doesn’t know it, but he taught me to see life in a whole different way, in only 2 hours. He is only 13 and he is the bravest boy I know.

D is the strongest person I’ve ever met, although his mom is pretty strong too. D and his family have been through a lot. Really, a lot. Back in October, D became ill and after some testing was done he was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening illness. Ever since he was diagnosed, he has undergone some very invasive treatments including 40+ blood transfusions and a couple bone marrow transplants. D and his family are from out of town which meant that him and his mom would have to move to Calgary temporarily so that D could be treated at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. They have been away from the rest of their family for about 5 months now.

Just like D’s family, there are many other families who are in similar situations. I can’t imagine the stress and the emotional roller coaster they have to deal with.

A few months ago, I was contacted by Helping Hearts to see if I was interested in becoming a volunteer; I’m so glad I went for it. This was my first session with Helping Hearts. Helping Hearts offers families whose children are suffering from a life-altering illness or disability, complimentary photo sessions by local photographers. When families have to go through such stressful situations, taking photographs isn’t a priority. Helping Hearts proudly offers these families photography services. I am extremely happy and proud to be a part of this amazing cause. My experience doing this first session was unbelievable. I can’t wait til I get to do it again. Please visit for more information, and help us spread the word! 🙂



His hair is starting to grow back and he hates it because it’s so curly, but I think he looks adorable.

















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