I am officially on maternity leave- Calgary Children, Newborn, Baby and Family Photographer

As sad as it makes me, it is time to put my camera away for a while (ok, not completely away because I will be taking lots of pictures of my brand new babies when they arrive). I have been dreading this moment because I just simply love my “job” (it is so much fun, it doesn’t really feel like a job!). But it is time… I am enormous and can barely move anymore.  I will still be working from home editing my last few sessions, but I won’t be booking anymore sessions until further notice. At this point I am not sure when I will be taking bookings again. I guess it’ll depend on how quickly my family and I adjust to our new life with a toddler and 2 babies. Be sure to keep checking the blog for updates though, I just might need a break so badly that I could be booking the odd session here and there.  Wish me luck! 🙂

Here’s a photo from a few weeks ago when I could still squeeze into my favourite True Religions (I don’t look this happy at all now days, and I am now about double the size…) by my very good friend Lisa Gritzfeldt who has just recently started her very own photography business.

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